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Seven Basic Steps To Home-Buying

STEP 1: Deciding Whether To Buy

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning ?
How much can you afford to pay ?
Where do you want to live ?
What kind of house do you want ?

STEP 2: Finding The Right Place

Choosing the right neighborhood.
Looking for houses for sale.
Using a real estate broker.
Dealing with discrimination.
Choosing the right house.
Evaluating the condition of the house.
Knowing what it will cost to own.


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STEP 3: Signing On The Dotted Line

What is a purchase contract ?
What you should know before you sign.
Using the services of a real estate lawyer.
Making a deposit on the house.
Other agreements you should know about.

STEP 4: Paying For The House

Do you have good credit ?
Getting a mortgage loan to buy the house.
FHA mortgage insurance.
Appraisals and inspections.
Insuring the home and its contents.
Costs of getting a mortgage.
Other ways of financing the purchase of the house.

STEP 5: Becoming The Owner

How do you become the owner at "CLOSING" ?
What do you do before the closing ?
What happens at closing ?
Paying closing costs.

STEP 6: Living In The Home

Moving in.
Dealing with initial problems.
Making mortgage payments.
Managing your money.
Where to go for help.

STEP 7: Maintaining The Home

Taking care of your home.
Making repairs.
Saving energy.
Making home improvements.
Protecting yourself as a consumer and homeowner.

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